We truly believe that life is a fabric made up of experiences and we want to create the best ones for you.

We are a small passionate team of people who enjoy sailing and would like to share the same experiences with people around the world. The company is family owned and you should be expecting that certain personal touch.

We want to create the best experiences for you and your friends.

Come and join us in the adventure sailing through the deep blue Greek seas!

Our team:


  • Fragkiskos Smyrnios – Managing Partner / CEO
  • Dimitrios Nakis – Managing Partner
  • Chris Flevotomos – Partner
  • John Pseftakis – Operations Officer
  • George Pappas – Maintenance Manager

Why choose us:

  • Focus on Customer Experience – Guided Sailing for everyone
  • VIP Checkin, late Checkout upon request. Welcome pack
  • Our preventive maintenance system is the key element with 250 points of inspection and service for each yacht
  • Attention to detail: everything in our yachts work
  • Standby services 24/7 to insure customer satisfaction and fast problem resolvance
  • 24/7 immediate assistance, on call, even in remote areas
  • Innovation on check-in and out process: Video check-in/out for the end customer in order to avoid disputes/claims

Our strategic goals:

  • Make things right
  • Keep end customers happy and fulfilled
  • Having strategic synergies with associates
  • Keeping yacht in high maintenance levels